Our Mission

Our mission is to provide businesses with the proper guidance and solutions to leverage capabilities leading to a sustainable future. With our team of professionals, you're guaranteed to be provided with efficient resources and substantial expertise to achieve your goals.

Core Values

  • Honesty/Integrity- Transparent communication is the key to an effective relationship. From clear procedures to confidentiality agreements, we are up-front about our methods so we can serve our customer in the best way possible. 

  • Innovative Solutions- We consistently keep up with the latest technology and industry trends to provide innovative solutions so our clients can sustain a competitive advantage. 

  • Value-Added Partnerships- Our focus is creating beneficial relationships with our clients to help them succeed. There has been a few cases where we advise companies that AMF Consulting may not be the right fit for them. We emphasize quality over quantity, and look for the right client as they should look for the right consultant.  

  • Guaranteed Results- We are true to our word, and hold ourselves accountable on our promises. 

Meet the Founder

Kyle Huff, Founder AMF Consulting

Kyle Huff

Business Management, Marketing, B.A.

Kyle found his passion for business at a young age. His diligence has led him to successfully launching multiple businesses in the service, retail, and e-commerce segments. After switching routes to pursue his dream of being a leader, Kyle utilized his positive management style to navigate teams within multiple industries. Consistently achieving company objectives, he quickly made a name for himself throughout the Chicago and Des Moines area. His expertise authorized him to start consulting while finishing his studies at the Iowa State Ivy College of Business. As his list of clients grew, Kyle decided it was time to launch his own consulting business. AMF Consulting, LLC was established in June of 2020.

"There's not a greater satisfaction than seeing my clients succeed."