About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide businesses with the proper guidance and solutions to leverage capabilities leading to a sustainable future.

With our team of professionals, you’re guaranteed to be provided with efficient resources and substantial expertise to achieve your goals.

Core Values


Our foundation is built on unwavering honesty and integrity. We believe in transparent communication and ethical practices, fostering trust with every client interaction.


Embracing innovation, we tackle challenges with fresh perspectives. Our team is dedicated to crafting creative solutions that drive growth and navigate complexity.


We don’t just consult – we partner. Collaborating closely with clients, we align our strategies with your goals, delivering value that extends beyond consulting services.


Our commitment to excellence is backed by results. With a track record of success, we stand behind our strategies, ensuring tangible outcomes that propel your business forward.

Meet the Founder

Kyle’s passion for business ignited at an early age, propelling him to achieve remarkable milestones. He has successfully launched multiple ventures across service, retail, and e-commerce domains.

Transitioning toward his aspiration of leadership, Kyle’s positive management approach proved adept in guiding diverse teams across industries.

His consistent delivery of company objectives swiftly established his reputation across Chicago and Des Moines. Kyle’s expertise empowered him to offer consulting services while completing his studies at the Iowa State Ivy College of Business.

As his client base expanded, the natural progression led him to establish his own consultancy. Thus, AMF Consulting, LLC was born in June 2020. Since its inception, the company has experienced remarkable growth, providing strategic solutions that span the nation.

“Seeing our clients consistently succeed is the most satisfying aspect our of work.”

Our Subsidiaries

Discover our corporate family’s diverse expertise. With the continuous growth of AMF Consulting, Matrix 7 and Apex Media were born. What was once a part of our ‘integration team’, quickly transitioned into supporting companies. 

Matrix 7 – A premium web design & development agency providing tailored digital solutions that craft exceptional experiences for businesses and their customers.

Apex Media – A top-tier media agency that provides innovative marketing content to drive business growth and build influential brands.

“Both these companies are a huge foundation of AMF Consulting’s success. The majority of SMBs we partnered with for consulting purposes didn’t have a solid web or media agency to ensure the necessary changes needed for our projects. Thus, we created ‘internal integration teams’ to ensure project success. We initially only allowed our AMF Consulting clients access to these solutions. As time went on, we clearly saw the dire need to allow these solutions to local SMBs that don’t require our consulting services.” – Kyle Huff, Founder

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