Strategy & Growth

Evaluating the position of the business and formulating a strategic plan to reach the ideal goals moving towards a more sustainable future. 

Operations Management

From developing new operations, assessing current, and implementing cost-effective solutions to capitalize on opportunities.

Small Business

  • Business Plans

  • Business Coaching

  • Automated Operations

  • Licenses, Permits, Certifications

  • Strategic Hiring

  • COVID-19 Response

Marketing & Digital 

Strategic Marketing

Unique plan to gain a competitive advantage by leveraging current strengths in order to provide substantial value to customers. 

Web Design

Cost-effective development of a website that is both visually appealing and provides a significant user experience. 


Focusing on differentiating your brand and integrating innovate methods to effectively deliver the message to your customers. 

Search Engine Optimization

Driving additional quality traffic to your website through improved search engine visibility. 

Product Development

Successfully moving a product from the conceptual stage and creating a distinct process to launch it in the market.

Performance Analysis

Analyzing data to make sure the actual performance is aligning with the short and long-term goals. 

Social Media Management

Taking AMF's Personalized Approach to manage social media platforms in a way that "tells your story like you would."

Content Creation

Our in-house production team provides creative content in areas such as promotional videos, commercials, photography, graphic design, and much more. 


Hours of operation 

Monday-Friday: 8AM to 5PM

Saturday: 10AM to 3PM

Sunday: Closed

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